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dodobird.ai provides retailers with a top of the line AI recommender tools. Help your customers find products they might like, help them discover your new products or easily find similar ones. Engage with them via Email, SMS or directly by pushing those recommendation on your website.


Recommendation Campaigns

With just a few steps, we are able to provide
personalised product recommendations to your each and every customer.

Simply create a campaign which sends recommendations via EMAIL, SMS or directly on your website

Customer and Products Analytics

Our Multi-faceted analytics, encompassing customers, products and the recommendations themselves, act as insight catalysts into customers’ persona, products similarities, while also ensuring the breadth, novelty and accuracy of recommendations.

Data Processing Pipeline

Our unique data processing pipeline allows retailer to seamlessly load all of their data: Not only the data generated on their website but also the wealth of data accumulated over the years on their ERP, which properly leveraged makes it possible to bypass the “cold-start problem” and outperform e-commerce “pure-players”.


dodobird.ai is born with a mission to help traditional offline retailers smoothen their transition to e-commerce.

We noticed that most offline retailers were not using efficiently their in-store customer data to help their customers to adopt e-commerce.dodobird.ai merges both your existing ERP data and your e-commerce storedata to allow for a greater bridges between these two worlds.

More Services

Data Science &
Business Intelligence

Discover useful pattern within your data and use these to improve your business.

In website search engines

Your clients will be able to find the right item they are looking for.

Custom Ai and machine learning solutions

We will be able to automate some of your most painful tasks.


Thierry Lincoln

Lead Data Scientist

Marc Gris

Data Scientist

Justin Mayer

Software Engineer

Damien Maujean

Data Engineer
We are actively recruiting:

- Software Engineers
- Data Engineers
- Data Scientists
- Personal Assistant

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